Update information including incomehousehold informationinsurance policies, and assets. The Profile Page holds all your personal information for your HelloWallet account and the option to Unenroll. Make sure to keep everything up to to date so that we can provide you with the most accurate recommendations.

About You

Most of your Profile data is read-only in HelloWallet.

To see your Profile changes reflected in HelloWallet, sign in to your HelloWallet account by signing in to KeyBank Online Banking and clicking on the Financial Wellness tile on the dashboard.

If you sign in via the HelloWallet mobile application, the changes to your Profile information will not be reflected in HelloWallet.

You can edit your secondary email address and phone number from this section. The secondary email address is used in case your primary address is no longer in use. This can also be used for a spouse or partner if you share your HelloWallet account with anyone in your household. If you want to receive text alerts, enter your phone number. We use your age for helping you plan for things like retirement.


When you give us information about your household it helps complete your HelloWallet account and gives us a better picture of who you are. HelloWallet is family-friendly and we recommend sharing access to your account with those who assist in financial decision-making in your household.

Profile: Household


Your Income Summary is important to many HelloWallet features including your Budget, Guidance, and Score. You can tell us about your income, your partner’s income, and other any income you may have such as rental income or an allowance.

For both your income and your partner’s income you can enter your annual gross salary or hourly rate. You can also add any paycheck contributions including contributions to an HSA, 401(k), or Roth 401(k). You can account for any other paycheck deductions with the “other pre-tax” or “other post-tax” categories. For each contribution, you can select a fixed amount and frequency or a percentage of your income. You can also update your tax information including your zip code and filing status, which we use to estimate your taxes. We will estimate your Monthly Take Home income based on the information you give us about your taxes and deductions. If we get it wrong, you are able to edit this to accurately reflect your monthly take home pay.

In addition to your income and your partner’s income you can enter other sources of income that you receive. You can specify this income as yours, your partners, or your households as well as if it is pre-tax or post-tax.


Tell us about your current insurance coverage. Enter in the amounts in the given fields for Health, Life, and Disability Insurance. Be sure to click, Save Changes to save any updates. Adding your insurance policies will help increase your Financial Wellness Score so that HelloWallet knows that you have your Assets covered.

Profile: Insurance


Telling us about your Assets will contribute to your overall net wealth that you can view from the Accounts page and Trends page. We recommend adding information about your home, cars, and any family heirlooms of value.

Profile: Assets


To cancel your membership, hover over your name at the top of the application and click "Profile" from the drop-down menu. From this screen, click "Unenroll From HelloWallet" at the bottom of the window. 

We are constantly trying to improve our application so please make sure to provide your reason for leaving. Canceling your account will delete your membership with HelloWallet and will permanently delete all of your personal account information.
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