Add Transactions

Adding a transaction is a great way to represent pending transactions on a linked account or to keep manually created accounts up to date.


To add a manual transaction start by clicking +Add Transaction at the top of the transactions ledger. Select a date for the transaction and enter a description. Select a category from the drop-down list and enter an amount. You can select -/+ to represent expenses or income. Select the account where the transaction was made. If you are adding a transaction to a linked account you will need to set an expiration date. This will ensure that even if the information you entered does not reconcile with your bank account that it will roll-off by the date you select to keep your transactions up to date. Save your transaction by clicking Add.

Add a Transaction to a Connected Account

If you add a manual transaction to a connected account, your account balance will update based on this information. The manual transaction will appear grayed out as it is now viewed as a pending transaction, it will also be listed as Added by You. In addition, we will automatically reconcile a manual transaction with the actual posted transaction once it is pulled into HelloWallet. We’ve also added an expiration date just in case the actual transaction doesn't match up with the manual transaction.

Add a Transaction to a Manual Account

If you add a manual transaction for one of your manually added accounts it will automatically update your account balance, but it will not have an expiration date since we are not pulling any transactions in from your bank for this account.
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