Account Troubleshooting

Having trouble linking your accounts? Tried to ‘fix it’ to no avail? Here are some common account linking problems and their solutions!
The Problem: Your account doesn’t seem to stay connected no matter how many times you ‘fix it’ or update your credentials.
A Solution: While there are other issues that could be causing this, one common cause is when banks employ Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This security measure, while valuable, can be a headache for members linking accounts for the first time. It requires multiple combinations of login and security credentials to be verified before staying linked for good.
To get your account connected if your bank uses MFA:
  1. Follow the ‘fix-it’ process or update your account credentials
  2. Repeat this process several times until you have cycled through every security question associated with your account.
    • Note: It may take multiple tries to generate every single question, or may require the same question to be answered multiple times.
This process may require a little persistence for the account to be connected. If you continue to have issues connecting the account, you can email and our support team can help troubleshoot that issue for you!

Common Financial Institutions with this issue: USAA, PNC, US Bank, Arvest, American Eagle FCU, TD Bank

The Problem: You’ve verified your login credentials by logging in to your bank’s website, but can’t link the account in HelloWallet.

 A Solution: There may be updated Terms & Conditions or other notifications that require your attention at your financial institution's website. In some cases, without accepting your new T&C or other notifications, you will be unable to link or update the account in HelloWallet.
To link an account with notifications at the institution’s website:
  1. Log in to your financial institution’s website.
  2. There may be an immediate popup, or the notification could be in somewhere in your account, like your profile or inbox. Accept the new T&C or notification.
  3. Link your account once more in HelloWallet.
Common Financial Institutions with this issue: Capital One
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