Flexible Budgets for iOS and Android

Flexible Budgets allows you to create multiple budgets and choose which expenses you want to track during a specific timeframe, set by you. Use Flexible Budgets to track spending for each paycheck, your upcoming vacation, annual clothing budget and more! Flexible Budgets gives you the freedom to budget in a way that works for you!

Getting started

To start creating a Flexible Budget tap on the + icon on the Budgets page, then simply enter a budget name, amount, and start and end dates.

When viewing a specific budget on iOS, tap on the icon in the top right hand of the screen to get to the “Budgets” page, where you can view your budgets and create a new budget.

Choosing your Transactions

Once you have entered a budget name, amount, and start and end dates, you will be asked which transactions you would like to track. You can choose to track all transactions or transactions by category.

Tracking All transactions will allow you to track all spending that occurs during the budget start and ends dates. Tracking by Category allows you to track only spending that occurs in specific categories during the budget start and end dates.

Picking your Categories

If you decide to track your spending by category, you will choose which categories you would like to include in the budget. You are able to choose more than one category and even add custom categories if needed.

Once you have chosen the categories, enter the amount you would like to budget for each of the categories.

If you choose to track all transactions, you can still add categories to your budget to track your spending by category. To do this, select “Edit” in the top right corner after you create your budget. Then select “Add Category” and choose the categories that you want to track as part of your Flexible Budget.


Start Tracking

Now that you have created a Flexible Budget, you can start tracking your budget. The Flexible Budgets page will give you a brief overview of your budget.

The graph provides a quick snapshot by letting you know how much time and money is left in your overall budget. You can edit your budget at any time.

Keep in mind, Monthly Budgets will still be available for all web and mobile users.

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