Add Budget Item

Adding a Budget Item from the Budget page allows you to easily update your Budget. Add Budget Items for the same categories that you use on your transaction ledger to keep track of spending in specific categories. Missing a category that you would like to add? Edit your categories, and then add your budget items. 

If you are adding multiple Budget Items at the same time, you may want to make use of the Plan tab on the Budget page. 

Steps to add a Budget Item: 

  • Click +Add Budget Item at the top of the Budget
  • Select the Category from the drop-down list
  • Enter a Planned Amount and select a Frequency
  • Set a Start Date if this budget item should occur in the future; Set an End Date if you know that this budget item has a fixed end date
  • Click +Add and the item will now appear in your Budget

Note: Frequency can only be edited in the same month that a budget item is created. Once you are past the month of the creation date of the budget item, the frequency will be fixed. This is to preserve your budget history. If you would like to modify a frequency, click Edit Budget, set an end date (current or previous month) and save it. Then you can create a new budget item in the following (or current) month with an updated frequency.
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